Has the pandemic pushed us to change fundraising?

Has the pandemic pushed us to change fundraising?

About this session

During this panel discussion, our speakers will explore, from a variety of perspectives, whether fundraising has changed, looking at individual giving, governments and institutional donors, impact investment, and blended finance with the private sector and civil society.

They will be discussing whether changes have occurred in who donates, how trends are moving, how fundraising teams have had to adapt, and what leadership requirements are needed to create change and impact. An inspiring session with learnings, trends, and, of course, room for your specific questions.







Willeke van Rijn (UK)
International consultant: strategy and business development, change, and transformation
Irwin Fernandes
Chief, Global Individual Giving, UNICEF
Pam Takhar (UK)
Consultant (international development, strategy, business development, programme design, & fundraising)
Kartik Desai (India)
Partner (Asia), KOIS