The disinformation debate: Ethics and conscious advertising

Why ethics must catch up with the technology of modern advertising



About this session

Advertising funds the internet to the tune of $330 billion USD annually. With great power should come great responsibility, yet inadvertent funding from advertisers large and small has given hate and disinformation a viable economic model. These issues are global and universal. In the UK, we are tackling climate disinformation and anti-migrant hate speech, while India struggles with religion-based hate and America is focused on political disinformation. Dr Ritumbra Manuvie and Harriet Kingaby will present the issues, explain why brands and NGOs should take action now to avoid contributing to the problem, and introduce The Conscious Advertising Network.

Aimed at:

Anyone with a marketing aspect to their role in any organisation, e.g. CMOs, marketing people, fundraisers

Learning outcomes:

  • How advertising funds hate and misinformation
  • The impact of advertising-funded hate and disinformation globally
  • What we can do to stop our advertising spend being part of this cycle



Harriet Kingaby (UK)
Co-Chair, The Conscious Advertising Network
Dr Ritumbra Manuvie (Netherlands)
CEO, The London Story