Heartwork: Cause meets corporate on india's front line

A corporate partnership campaign with Bollywood support for frontline workers, truck drivers, and farmers during COVID-19



About this session

Swatantra Gupta’s workshop will give insights into how Smile Foundation’s COVID-19 campaign to support frontline workers garnered Bollywood support in a 360-degree online fundraising initiative sponsored by Lays (PepsiCo). Swatantra will be joined by PepsiCo’s Amit Nanchahal for a session focused on overall design, cause marketing, and the importance of corporate partnerships. It will also reflect on the nuances of digital marketing for individual online donations and the role of influencers.

The workshop will give insights from the corporate side, including brand thinking from a social campaign perspective, along with some ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’ for NGOs that intend to collaborate with a corporate entity or brand. Swatantra will also introduce Change the Game Academy and showcase local fundraising activities.

Aimed at

  • Fundraising professionals
  • NGO decision-makers
  • NGO brand and communication teams

Learning outcomes

  • How to design a fundraising campaign from the perspective of a corporate sponsor or partner
  • Ways of marketing and amplifying an online fundraising campaign
  • Ideas for online fundraising events as part of a campaign



Swatantra Gupta (India)
General Manager Corporate Partnerships & Alliances, Smile Foundation India
Amit Nanchahal (India)
Associate Director, Corporate Communications, PepsiCo India