Building a Holistic Fundraising Roadmap

Insights from Save the Children International’s Global Individual Giving Review.

In response to recent external disruptions in the fundraising landscape and plateaued individual giving growth, Save the Children International undertook a Global Individual Giving Review in 2023. The review highlighted the growing need for holistic fundraising and a shift away from short-term approaches to planning, budgeting, and targeting. As a result, the organisation developed a new strategic roadmap to 2030, placing integration, long-termism, and holistic fundraising at its core.

This workshop will dive into the critical pillars that will align your teams, future-proof your plans, and seamlessly integrate your donor journey for optimal long-term growth. You’ll explore maximising donor value, integrating acquisition and donor development teams, and building an integrated long-term roadmap for sustainable growth.

Beyond omni-channel and integrated marketing, the session will help you understand the need for fundraising channels and programmes to work more closely together, building and developing donor pipelines. You will leave with practical tips on integrating your fundraising and finance teams for better and more flexible budgeting and learn the value of one-to-some fundraising in the cost-of-living crisis.

Learning outcomes

  • Get actionable takeaways suitable for organisations of any size
  • Gain a clearer understanding of the importance of integration
  • Learn why holistic supporter journey planning is so important


Samantha Thomas
International Head of Acquisition, Save the Children International
Shannon Fleming
International Head of Individual Giving, Save the Children International