Hong Kong: The self-organisation of a leaderless movement


Hong Kong: The self-organisation of a leaderless movement

What can we learn from the digital organising and campaign strategies?

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About this session

Be inspired by the digital organisation and strategies of the Hong Kong protestors who managed to engage the world and attract nationwide support.

Since the summer of 2019 a mass movement has grown in Hong Kong to fight a government proposal to allow extraditions to mainland China. As fundraisers, what can we learn from the protestors?

In this session activist and researcher Sophie Chen will share her observations of how the movement was so successful in gathering support. You’ll learn how people from both moderate and radical flanks came together in solidarity to offer strength and what digital tactics were being used to keep them united.


Aimed at

  • People interested in the formation of social movements
  • People who want to know more about engaging and organising supporters digitally


Learning outcomes

  • What strategies the Hong Kong movement used to mobilise and organise people
  • How different kinds of people can be part of the same movement


Speaker bio

Sophie is an activist and researcher based in Centre for Social Innovation Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is researching the current movement in Hong Kong, and interested in building international solidarity.


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Hong Kong: The self-organisation of a leaderless movement





Sophie Chen (Hong Kong)
Centre for Social Innovation Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong