Hot-wiring your donors' hearts and brains: Frameworks for transformational change

Hot-wiring your donors’ hearts and brains: Frameworks for transformational change

A practical masterclass on key behavioural science principles that will accelerate your fundraising into overdrive


About this Masterclass

A fresh look at what underpins the basics of behaviour science together with new and fascinating insights based on current research and real-world fundraising.   

This masterclass will introduce you to several practical frameworks and how they relate to proven fundraising practice, across channels. In this session you’ll learn about the science of motivation and how tapping into intrinsic, rather than extrinsic, motivation can be a game-changer when managing both your teams and donors. 

We will touch on cognitive biases, neurological studies and psychological tips that could help you become better fundraisers, relationship managers and team members. Each concept will be illustrated with real life examples from successful campaigns across fundraising disciplines, from Canada, USA, Ireland, Australia and the UK. 



Aimed at

  • Fundraisers who want a ‘joined-up’ view of fundraising across channels and disciplines. 
  • Fundraisers and leaders interested in behavioural science. 
  • Leaders who want to motivate their teams to develop high-performing fundraising content.  


Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of evidence-based, practical frameworks to inspire and engage. 
  • An understanding of the underlying principles of motivation, persuasion and communication. 
  • How to develop engaging fundraising creatives. 
  • How to assess successful fundraising messaging. 
  • A deeper understanding of how to motivate and engage your teams and your donors. 


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