Don't pull up the ladder behind you: Supporting the next generation of fundraisers

Discussion: How can we make sure to hold the ladder for those coming up behind us?



About this session

Fundraising is a funny world, outside of which few people understand what it’s like to stress over the cost of T-shirts, the ethical sourcing of printed materials, or finding the most efficient (i.e. free) software for handling donations. For the sole fundraiser sitting at their desk in an organisation without a fundraising team, the role can be very isolating. For the newbie, finding your way in the industry can be a minefield – how do you know what training you need, or what networks to join? This discussion session will be all about how can we make our profession a little easier to navigate.


During our careers, we have all had the support of others to make it to the next rung on the ladder. From our first week on the job, before we had any idea what we were doing, to finishing our first year, managing our first campaign, or leading our first team, our mentors, friends, and colleagues helped us find our way. As our world is getting noisier and our roles are getting busier, how do we make sure that we are holding the ladder for the people coming up behind us?


This Fringe session is a discussion to map out what we can all do.




Kevin Delaney (Ireland)
Director at Academy Street Workshop