Individual Giving in Africa: Case studies from Kenya and hot-off-the-press research findings into individual giving trends across East and South Africa

Join this session to learn how peer-to-peer digital fundraising platforms in Kenya are becoming more popular and how Kenyan NGOs are now adopting these platforms. We’ll also hear highlights from the CAF World Giving Index, providing a 10-year overview of global giving trends, with a focus on East and South Africa.

As NGOs in Kenya expand, the need to broaden their funding base in order to run their operations becomes more critical. With the advent of mobile telephony with high-level penetration rates of up to 90% in countries like Kenya, fintechs and financial service providers now provide mobile money services to a vast majority of the previously unbanked population. Today, 96% of households outside Nairobi have at least one M-PESA account, Africa’s first mobile money platform. This has opened up the market for peer-to-peer digital fundraising platforms. M-Changa is the most successful of these platforms and is being increasingly adopted by NGOs in the country.

This session will offer case studies, the latest statistics on digital fundraising in Kenya, and a live demonstration of the digital fundraising platform, M-Changa. The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) will also share ground breaking research into giving trends across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa, providing valuable insights into how and why people give, what drives their giving, and what would make them give more. In addition, they will share highlights of the CAF World Giving Index including a 10-year overview of global giving trends. CAF believes that the potential for mass public giving can transform the way civil society operates.

We now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to harness global economic growth and leverage the generosity of a growing middle class in the global south to grow giving and civic engagement to support local CSOs to be well resourced and independent.  


Aimed at: 

  • Anyone with an interest in the current giving landscape in Africa 
  • Public fundraisers 
  • INGOs and national NGOs


Learning outcomes:

Participants will leave with 

  • Insight into long term trends of global giving based on 10 years of data and insight. 
  • In depth insight into public giving behaviours in Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, and particularly Kenya.
  • Insight into how mass public giving can deliver more than just resources to local CSOs, but contribute to long term development and civil society sustainability. 


Joseph Wang’endo (Kenya)
CEO & Founder, Bloodlink Foundation
Sameera Mehra
Collective Intelligence and Advocacy Director, WINGS