Principles, not tools: How agile ways of working can revolutionise results

“We had more moments of celebration in five months than in the previous three years.”



About this session

When Amnesty International’s Carmen Barlow was tasked with meeting ambitious targets without additional resources, she turned to coach Eleanor Gibson for help. Implementing agile ways of working, they achieved exceptional results after just nine weeks. This session will introduce you to the basic ideas and tools necessary to trial agile ways of working in your organisation or team.

In this session, Carmen will share:

  • What made this feel a good fit and how she prepared the team
  • Trial and error: How she got started and then sought help
  • How their coach (Eleanor Gibson) embedded principles rather than tools, and the support and training they had
  • The challenges the team experienced and the support she provided
  • The exceptional results after just nine weeks and then one year on

Aimed at

  • Managers and leaders, especially in charities
  • Individuals interested in better ways of working, digital transformation, project management tools, and marketing
  • Teams doing any kind of work, especially communications, marketing, and campaigns

Learning outcomes

  • The basic idea and tools of agile working
  • How to trial agile working with your team
  • What benefits and challenges to expect



Carmen Barlow (UK)
Head of Communications and Engagement, Amnesty International UK