How rules of engagement drive or impede organisational performance: A closer look at action and inaction and its consequences on fundraising

In this workshop we will look at aspects of action and inaction in the context of organisational development and its impact on fundraising. We know that operating with rules and regulations is necessary for running organisations, yet we need to go beyond them. We also know that effective leadership involves working with rules in order for it to be impactful. However, there is a question about whether this stifles creativity and innovation. And we know that Boards are often seen to be fit for purpose if, in their governance, they function with defined and rigid rules and structures. But this can be at the cost of compromising their pivotal role in organisational growth and development.  

Are rules, policies, and procedures keeping organisations and their leaders from taking action? More importantly, the correct action? We will do a deep dive into the areas of organisational functioning to locate the “pain points” and suggest an action-oriented approach to establish a strong foundation from which to develop a fundraising strategy. We will share a recently-compiled survey across a range of charitable foundations to inform what in their opinion is the right time for action and where they see that action happening with their grantees. 


Aimed at: 

  • Organisational leaders 
  • Future or aspiring leaders 
  • Directors and managers of fundraising 
  • Programme managers 
  • Board members


Learning outcomes:  

  • How to manage the risks of rules-driven performance and leadership against creativity and innovation 
  • How to evaluate the impact on fundraising of action and inaction in organisations and their leadership
  • An evidence-based toolkit that will promote partnership building with grant-makers from the perspective of grantees


Ajay Mehta (UK)
International Programmes Consultant, The Resource Alliance
Donna Reitano (Switzerland)
Principal, FundsUp