A deep dive into Innovative Finance: How can innovative financing deliver value to your mission?

With SDGs finding its way into The Financial Times and impact bonds featuring in The Economist these days, Innovative Finance and impact investing is fast becoming a key tool in the wider world of fundraising. Recent successful experiences from organisations such as ICRC and mothers2mothers highlight how these could be applicable to context ranging from humanitarian interventions to early childhood development.

Following the earlier session discussing the key aspects and trends of Innovative Finance, as well as the current range of financing models, this session will allow you to examine how Innovative Finance can be applied to your organisation’s context and activities.

Through an interactive case study method, we will go through the various stages of designing Innovative Finance instruments, allowing you to experience the various nuances and intricacies of considering blending development finance with private sector capital and venture philanthropy instruments for your funding needs.

Learning outcomes: Gain practical tools on how to apply Innovative Finance into your day-to-day funding and fundraising activities

Who should attend: Senior finance executives, CFOs

Session style: Workshop with active participation expected




Liesbet Peeters (UK)
Founding and Managing Partner, Volta Capital
Abdourahmane Diop (UK)
Investment Manager, VOLTA Capital