How to become a one-to-one storytelling organisation using video

How to become a one-to-one storytelling organisation using video: Activate stronger fundraising and stewardship programs


About this session

We all know the power of video. But discovering the power of personalised, one to one video takes your organisation’s fundraising to the next level. In this session, our panel will discuss the rise and impact of personalised, one to one video on fundraising and our continued drive to be digitally innovative in the way we deepen our relationships with donors. With engagement rates of over 75%, personalised video is the medium that should be integrated into your channel mix. We will share the experience of Amnesty International and other organisations that have been having success. This is a session to be inspired and get some good ideas of how to kick start with one-to-one personalised video.

This session is aimed at:

  • This session is ideal for all levels of fundraisers and marketers – from acquisition, stewardship & retention to philanthropy and marketing teams.

What you will learn

  • Discover this brand new fundraising and stewardship channel of “one to one personalised video”
  • Learn about how this new channel is being integrated within organisations
  • Understand how to increase engagement with your donors.





Niduk D’Souza (Canada)
Vice President Strategy & Marketing, Up Fundraising
Michael Johnston
Founder and CEO, hjc
Christoffer Holm (Denmark)
Global Director Fundraising Support, Amnesty International
Neil Spivack (Canada)
President, Up Fundraising