How to bring your charity to life (from a donor perspective)

Three case stories on donor experience and donor journeys – and a how-to guide.

This workshop focuses on a key trending topic: delivering an excellent donor experience (DX) or donor journey. Basically, it’s how you communicate value of a donor’s taking part in your mission – and how you create trust, loyalty and a higher degree of engagement (aka more funds for your cause). We will look at five different ways to use DX to improve your fundraising outcome – from retaining your regular donors to offering a freemium for prospects. You will get five how-to guides in the form of blueprints to be able to plug and play after IFC.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what Life Time Value is
  • What the key elements for a donor experience are, and how you want to work with automation to make it happen
  • Why having a multitude of donor experiences is similar to having a differentiated products/fundraising portfolio.
  • Why making the journey fit the donor, not just fulfilling an organisational goal, is a good thing
  • Five ways to use a donor experience

Who should attend: This session is for fundraisers working with developing relationships with prospects and donors, wondering how to make a donor experience come to life.

Session style: This session will be presentation style going through the theory behind donor Life Time Value and donor journey. Two quick quizzes will engage the audience, and there will be a Q&A session based on the quiz results. Highly interactive and very practical.


Jacob Møllemose (Denmark)
Director, The Agency Scandinavia
Kasper Viebke (Denmark)
Head of Private Fundraising, Danish Refugee Council