How to leverage the power of Facebook’s Giving Tools: Practical strategies to maximise long term income from Facebook’s Charitable Giving Tools

Wednesday 12 June
10:30-11:15 (UK BST)
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Facebook’s Charitable Giving Tools have raised more than $1 billion dollars for over a million charities in just a few short years, whether it’s Birthday fundraising, crowd-funding style fundraisers or straight-forward donations. Supporters love it and some charities have jumped on and raised millions. Some are lagging behind.

In this punchy, practical session Nick will take you through why Facebook donate has worked so well, case studies of how small and large charities are maximizing their short and long term income and 5 key actions you can take to leverage the power of Facebook’s Social Graph. We will also look into how Facebook should fit into your overall digital strategy and ask the question, should we be so reliant on one company? 


Aimed at:

  • Fundraising Directors/Managers Community 
  • Fundraising Managers and Officers 
  • Individual Giving directors, managers and direct marketers 
  • Corporate and Influencer fundraisers 
  • Digital marketing/fundraising managers / and social media staff

Learning outcomes:

  • What’s working right now on Facebook and the practical steps they can take to bring in more revenue immediately 
  • How to prioritize digital channels and understand the best donor and fundraiser journeys 
  • How to think about Facebook in the context of their wider digital strategy 

Nick Burne – How to leverage the power of Facebook’s giving tools. practical strategies to maximise long term income from facebook’s charitable giving tools from The Resource Alliance


Nick Burne (UK)
Managing Partner, Nick Burne Consulting