Don't let friction slow you down: Streamlining your online giving

Using an evidence-based approach to reduce friction in your online giving experience



About this session

When Brady Josephson went undercover as a secret email subscriber and online donor to 630 nonprofit organisations, he learned a lot about online giving. Did you know that nonprofits in Germany and the United Kingdom are 12 times more likely to offer a way to give online via bank compared to Australia or Canada? Or that half of organisations in France and the Netherlands did not send a solicitation email to online donors over a 90-day period, compared to just one in 20 in the United States? Brady discovered that 95% of nonprofits globally have some element of friction in their online giving experience – and that’s proven to hurt the bottom line. Chances are, it’s hurting yours, too. In this session, based on new research from and NextAfter, you will learn what friction is, how it impacts the online giving experience, and where it shows up most often for different organisations in different countries. You’ll get answers to questions you didn’t know you had, like:

  • How many steps are there in the giving process around the world? And how many should there be?

  • What are required fields and how do they impact donor conversion rates?

  • How much text is too much text on a donation page? What should it say?

You’ll get user experience benchmark data on a country-by-country basis, as well as see examples of donation pages, and the results of experiments with real nonprofits.


Aimed at

  • Anyone involved or interested in digital fundraising, but especially those in larger organisations, those working in organisations with a digital infrastructure, and more experienced fundraisers


Learning outcomes

  • Know what friction means in the context of an online giving experience is and how to reduce it

  • Understand why email signups are so important with proven tactics to improve the experience

  • See how you can optimise your website to secure more recurring donors




Brady Josephson (USA)
Managing Director, NextAfter
Marcus Blease (Australia)
Co-Founder, Donor Republic