How to set up and run a major gift programme

You do have a few, some hundred or thousand donors. You do get a major gift from time to time. But it is more a gamble instead of a systematic approach. In this workshop you will learn what it takes to set up and run a major gift programme. You will get to know the five fundamental requirements for major gift fundraising (organisational readiness), the seven steps of every major gift program or campaign, and the 24 major giving skills (personal requirements) for every major gift officer/director.

Learning outcomes

  • Assess organisational readiness
  • Gain knowledge about requirements and steps of a successful major gift programme
  • Have leadership skills to set up a major gifts programme for an organisation.

Who should attend: This session will be inspiring and informative for any fundraising professional considering establishing a major gifts programme and particularly useful for those who feel intimidated by the prospect or want to transform their unstructured acts in major gift fundraising into a structured and systematic programme.