How to use data science to uncover hidden income opportunities and find new audiences: Learn the framework and the algorithms to transform data into useful (and ready to apply) information

In this session, we will share cases from Greenpeace Brazil and Mexico where data from different fundraising and engagement systems, such as CRM, inbound marketing tools, social listening platforms, and payment gateways, was gathered, cleaned, and analysed with a set of statistical and machine learning algorithms. Once both transactional and behaviour clusters were identified, we were able to predict who would cancel and when, who would accept an upgrade appeal, and who would be the inactive donors with the most probability to be reactivated.

After this workshop, you will understand how to use this type of information to get out of your usual bubble and how to identify new and high potential audiences. This workshop is more than just looking at results – we will also the share both the framework and algorithms that you need to setup in your organisation! 


Aimed at: 

  • Executive directors 
  • Fundraising, growth, mobilization, outreach, and development professionals 
  • Data scientists
  • Digital fundraisers, inbound, and content marketing specialists


Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand how artificial intelligence can be benefit a fundraising program 
  • Learn how to implement a data science framework (and what skills are necessary)  
  • Move from a simple transactional data perspective (CRM) to a behaviour analysis (inbound marketing and social listening)  


Begoña Laviña (Mexico)
Fundraising Director, Greenpeace Mexico