How video can recruit donors to accelerate your fundraising programme

How video can recruit donors to accelerate your fundraising programme: A practical session explaining how to acquire regular giving donors efficiently and at volume in an emerging fundraising channel


About this session

With brand new research and insights, a new strategic and tactical approach and a host of the latest international case studies, successfully tested, this session will benefit any fundraiser on how to truly accelerate change in their fundraising programme. Video is a key part of the future of digital fundraising and although most charities are using video, very few are using it successfully to recruit regular giving donors efficiently at volume. This session will offer you deep insights into the value of video in digital fundraising, it will help you build a video strategy and includes real case studies, creative examples and actual results. This session will teach you how to develop highly effective direct response video creative based on best practice and new forms of storytelling that is engaging, inspiring and responsive in this changing and challenging digital landscape.

This session is aimed at:

Anyone who works in fundraising or digital and specifically those who work in individual giving donor recruitment or digital fundraising. There’s lots of content for senior managers who are looking for deep insights or are building a digital video strategy right through to junior practitioners who are working on creative development of video and want to make it as responsive and successful as possible.

What you will learn

  1. Gain deep insights into the importance and power of video in digital fundraising
  2. Learn how to develop a video strategy for your fundraising programme
  3. Learn how to develop highly responsive video creative through case study examples and results they you can apply to your own organisation.





Saleem Tejani
Head of Digital, DTV Group