IFC introducing…. Corporate fundraising insights

Two up-and-coming speakers take to the stage in this hour to share their corporate fundraising insights.

Damian Chapman, from Police Care UK, explains why corporates have an unfair reputation as the ‘problem-child’ of fundraising – it’s no wonder corporate fundraising generates such poor returns given that charities insist on doing the same things, using the same methodologies, within the same strategic framework. Damian urges you to throw the corporate fundraising rulebook in the bin and will share examples of three charities doing things differently (and successfully!)

Katalin Kovácsné Béres, from SOS Children’s Villages International representing region CEE / CIS, will share her thoughts on why consistency & co-creation are so important for shared impact in this ‘new era’ of partnerships. Using case studies and examples of good practice from Eastern Europe, she will explore questions like: What is the key for developing and stewarding meaningful long-term partnerships? What are the criteria for a satisfying partnership for both parties? Does pitching still work? Come along to hear the answers!


Katalin Kovácsné Béres (Hungary)
Head of Leadership Giving CEE / CIS / ME, SOS Children’s Villages International
Damian Chapman (UK)
Head of Communications & Fundraising, Police Care UK