IFL: Global fundraising trends - 2017 results from the world’s 15 largest INGOs

Following a popular session last year, the International Fundraising Leadership Forum (IFL Forum) – a peer group of committed INGO and UN agency fundraising leaders – will again share how they have improved fundraising performance and driven global fundraising excellence in markets around the world through collaboration, trust and leadership, and by sharing their experience, knowledge and best practices to create a better world.

We’ll look at global combined income trends since 2012 from 15 international organisations representing more than US$20 billion income raised in 2017. Overall these organisations are still growing year on year, but the percentage growth is starting to slow down. Where is this happening? Where has most of that income been raised? Which regions and countries are growing the fastest? Where do we see major changes? How are some of the new emerging markets performing? In what regions do we see the biggest reliance on individual giving? What is happening with corporate and legacy giving?

This session is aimed at anyone currently fundraising in multiple markets or thinking of fundraising in multiple markets. Or anyone interested to know what is happening in fundraising in other countries around the world.


Learning outcomes

  • Understand what the IFL Forum is
  • Insights into market trends around the world by different regions and channels
  • Informed on how some organisations have used insights gained to influence and inform their fundraising strategy.


Helena Gallagher (Netherlands)
Insights Analyst, Greenpeace International
Willeke van Rijn (UK)
International consultant: strategy and business development, change, and transformation
Sotta Long (Switzerland)
Market Knowledge Manager, Unicef