Impact-Driven Leadership

Meeting changing management needs and expectations for greater impact.

It’s more important than ever to understand which leadership and management styles work and why. Whether through resignation or retirement, interpersonal conflicts or external constraint, the expectations of formal and informal leadership continue to evolve. But as these changes become more relevant for seasoned and emerging leaders alike, the social impact sector has limited resources to rely on.

This workshop will explore what motivates and inspires today’s employees; how to best lead and manage depending on which of the four working styles you possess; and what you can do to maximise the strengths and expectations of a diverse, multi-generational team.

Learning outcomes

  • Find out how to turn trending data on staff expectations into action back at the office
  • Discover the four key work styles and how they apply to your team and other stakeholders
  • Learn how generational characteristics impact leadership needs and how to manage each generation both individually and as a group


Cherian Koshy
Vice President of Product Strategy, Kindsight
Martha Hazen Schumacher
President and Co-Founder, Hazen Institute for Leadership Training