Why transformational impact is essential for fundraising success

How can you leverage your environmental and social impact for fundraising success? Do you measure your current impact effectively? Do you amplify your impact optimally? In this workshop, you will discover tried and tested tools illustrated through global case studies. Learn how co-created impact management plans that engage all stakeholders and meaningfully measure outcomes have the potential to catalyse your fundraising plans and performance.

Who is it for?

Fundraising directors, executives, and managers

Learning outcomes

  • Awareness of the global shifts in company reporting towards a common language related to impact
  • Application of the latest impact measurement tools for fundraising practice with a specific focus on justice, access, inclusion, diversity, and equity
  • Sharing of best practice through global case studies





Olumide (Mide) Akerewusi
Founder & CEO, AgentsC Inc.
Colin Habberton
Cofounder and Director, Relativ Group