Implementing Global Fundraising for Growth

Is adopting a global strategy right for your organisation?

In today’s increasingly competitive fundraising landscape, is entering a new country or regional market a consideration for you? For those seeking to diversify their income, adopting a global fundraising strategy and restructuring your organisation can transform your income and impact.

Drawing insights from leading nonprofits, this session will use firsthand insights to delve into the experience of entering three key markets (USA, Germany, and UK). You’ll be guided through a strategic decision-making process to help you determine whether global fundraising is the right fit for your organisation.

The workshop will explore how embracing change and a global fundraising outlook can accelerate income growth and help you assess your organisational readiness. You will learn how empowered staff build powerful organisations and how to mobilise your donors as changemakers.

Learning outcomes

  • Find out how to ask the right questions to determine the suitability of a global fundraising strategy for your organisation
  • Get a practical checklist to guide you through the process of effectively implementing fundraising in new markets
  • Learn how to involve your donors in your organisation’s strategic journey to create a shared commitment for growth


Sheena Bourke
Co-Founder, Raise Impact
Elisabeth Phillips
Director of Global Corporate Fundraising, Women for Women International