Increase campaign results by 20% to 50%? Yes, you can do it - with digital

Internet connectivity, mobile phone adoption, new digital payment methods, social media… there are so many opportunities for fundraisers to engage and connect with people, and convert them to donors. But with so many free and low-cost tools out there, how do you decide where to invest your time and resources for the most impact? How do you quickly and easily test those decisions to improve results?

This interactive masterclass will teach fundraising staff at small NGOs how to boost their fundraising campaigns with effective integration of digital tools and techniques. Is a 20 percent to 50 percent increase feasible? Yes!

Bonus! Delegates will assess one of their own existing or upcoming campaigsn and their use of digital. Together with other delegates they’ll workshop ideas and end up with an plan of practical actions they can start implementing right away.  The session will be a mix of expert advice and participatory, hands-on methods and draw-from-design thinking, and lean startup methodologies.

Learning outcomes

  • Assess your NGO’s digital assets and workflows to pinpoint what needs improvement to enhance a fundraising campaign
  • Learn lean startup and design thinking processes that can help you use to come up with a powerful digital strategy for your organization’s fundraising campaigns
  • Get practical tips for using the tools that will save you time when you have staff or technical experience



Beth Kanter (USA)
Speaker, Author, Virtual Facilitator, and Trainer ,
Marco Kuntze (UK)
Resource Alliance Board Member and Digital Fundraising Specialist, Relishing Digital
Gillian Tan (Singapore)
Digital Strategist, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
Cherisse Faith Beh (Singapore)
Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre