SOLD OUT: Innovation in product development

The time has come for the next wave of innovation in fundraising product development

10 years ago, Good Innovation pioneered an audience- and insight-led approach to fundraising product development in the UK. Today, innovation is a key part of every major UK charity’s fundraising and product development strategy. Over the last year, the team as Good Innovation has been drilling into the data, and collating successes and failures and distilling their learnings into a brand new product development process – a process that will be launched in this masterclass at IFC 2023.

Who is it for?

Executive directors, board members, fundraising managers and directors, organisational leaders, aspiring leaders, team leaders, and anyone interested in innovation.

Learning outcomes

  • You will gain an understanding of a new step-by-step approach to fundraising product development
  • You will receive a playbook with the specific activities, workshop plans, tools, and templates for each stage of the process
  • You will learn to identify and understand the different innovation mindsets required, and discover how to play to people’s strengths


Ben Cohen
Senior Innovation Lead, Good Innovation
Robert Payne
Innovation Lead, Good Innovation