Introducing Innovative Finance: What are the opportunities and pitfalls?

In the world of development, the term ‘innovative financing’ first rushed onto the scene a bit over a decade ago. Recent transactions are accentuating the dynamics of contingent return financing models – often called Social Impact Bonds and Results-Based Financing – and other models. Many non-profits are asking whether this channel is relevant to them, and how they might more actively apply it to their organisation’s activities.

This session will walk you through the key aspects of innovative finance; recent trends and recent examples such as the Educate Girls Social Impact Bond and the ICRC’s Program for Humanitarian Impact Investment, the first high-impact private debt issue in the humanitarian space. The goal is to learn from experiences and ask when and how innovative financing can deliver value to non-profit organisations.

Learning outcomes: Gain comprehensive understanding of how innovative finance can be applicable to your organisation and financing needs.

Who should attend: All members of finance teams

Session style: Presentation and interactive Q&A


Liesbet Peeters (UK)
Founding and Managing Partner, Volta Capital