From intention to impact: Managing and measuring your impact as a strategic asset

In a world of increasing need and complex challenges, coupled with decreasing and more competitive resource allocation, it is imperative for change agents to be armed with a powerful impact proposition backed by a compelling evidence base. This workshop is designed to provide participants with a practical introduction to the sometimes scary world of impact management and measurement. It seeks to empower participants to leverage the strategic value and significant asset that lies in truly understanding your impact, what is working and what’s not, and how you can improve and ultimately achieve greater impact.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the strategic value of impact management and measurement
  • Understand how to right-size your impact management approach to fit your organisational life-stage
  • Employ theory of change to develop a compelling impact proposition supported by meaningful impact measurement
  • Confidently navigate the multitude of available impact measurement resources to find what works for you

Who should attend: This workshop is beneficial for a range of development practitioners and changemakers interested in proving and improving impact performance at an organisational or programmatic level. It is also relevant for funders, intermediaries and consultants seeking to make strategic funding decisions and recommendations.

Session style: The workshop features a combination of theory and practice brought to life by real-world examples and case studies (in multimedia formats) curated in accordance with the audience in mind. The format includes peer learning in action because we learn by doing.


Gabrielle Habberton (South Africa)
Co-Founder of the Relativ Group