How journey mapping can modernize your social impact organization

The concept of the customer journey is to help social impact organisations communicate with a large number of volunteers, advocates or donors using as close to an individual approach as resources allow. There is no way we can have (tens of) thousands of individual conversations with our donors each and every month to maintain loyalty to our cause. Journey mapping doesn’t just have a profound impact on your fundraising efforts through empathy and improved engagement, but the process itself brings disparate teams together in a concerted effort to build a cross-functional conversation and deepen relationships with supporters. This hands-on session is a primer for journey mapping for Asia-located social impact organisations that will include examples from Japan and other Asian countries.

Learning outcomes: You will be able to take back your own 10 Step Journey Mapping Kit to immediately apply to your social impact organisation to improve your internal cooperation, communications, engagement (of staff, volunteers or supporters) and fundraising.

Who should attend: This session is aimed at any volunteer, staff person or senior leaders. Journey mapping can be used for any situation e.g. internal staff experience, volunteer experience, advocate experience, donor experience, etc.

Session style: In this special session we will work in teams, and use Post-It notes and walls to learn how to help social impact organisation staff master this key customer experience (CX) approach from the commercial world – informed by case studies from a number of organisations around the world, including parts of Asia.



Atsuko Allison Ueda (Japan)
COO / Head of Fundraising, Japan for UNHCR