Key lessons for calling donors

What Amnesty International Czech Republic learned through 35,000 calls

Organisations can empower supporters and find contacts online, but building relationships with those people often works better with another form of communication – and one of the most powerful ways you can connect with your supporters is by phone. But many people are anxious about making phone calls! In this workshop, you will learn how phone conversations are a powerful tool to build strong bonds with donors, and can be an inspiring and pleasant part of your role – if you learn to ignore your fears and prejudices and approach these calls with the right mindset. You don’t need a script, and you don’t need to sell, you just need to listen to find success.

Telefundraising can be done in different ways. The Amnesty International Czech Republic team developed their calls to move from delivering informative but boring monologues about the organisation to having an open dialogue about values and supporter opinions. Now, every call is about the person on the other end of the line, which makes each call unique. And it’s why their calls have had a powerful impact on retention.

Who is it for?

Fundraising managers, fundraisers, telefundraisers, CEOs, anyone who hasn’t tried telefundraising yet, and anyone interested Amnesty International Czech Republic’s methods.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn why you should call individual supporters and donors
  • Find out how to create the right conditions for telefundraising in your organisation
  • Learn the basic equipment you need to start donor care and acquisition on the phone
  • Discover how to maintain relationships with donors and the team (even when working remotely)
  • Learn how to measure results and get real-life examples from practise
  • Get an effective calling philosophy, including the right mindset for a successful telefundraiser
  • Find out what motivates people to donate and what helps us turn promises into reality


Martina Neradová
Donor Care Team Leader & Individual Fundraiser, Amnesty International