Launching face-to-face fundraising projects in new markets: Monthly donor projects and their advantages and challenges from an Eastern Europe perspective

In this session we will discuss the advantages and challenges of running F2F fundraising projects in countries where the technique is less established or new. Using case studies from Eastern Europe, we’ll look at what it means to implement a successful and stable fundraising project for monthly individual donors and the challenges of attracting a first generation of donors. We will also look specifically at the differences between Western and Eastern European fundraising. 


Aimed at: 

People who are interested in: 

  • Fundraising start-ups 
  • Young generations of donors 
  • Fundraising in Eastern Europe 
  • A successful system for monthly donors


Learning outcomes: 

  • Strategy for implementation of fundraising projects in new markets 
  • Clear plan for starting F2F projects in new markets 
  • How to attract a first generation of donors


Aistė Lacitė (Lithuania)
Managing Director, Red Nose Clown Doctors
Raimonda Kostiuškevičiūtė (Lithuania)
Head of F2F Project, Red Nose Clown Doctors