Leadership Forum: Taking the lead in transforming your organisation

This 3.5-hour workshop is for people who are sick of the power dynamics that hold them back from having real impact, people who are convinced that their organisations need to change fundamentally, people who are ready to build a new world by throwing out the old ways. We invite you to join us in dismantling paternalistic governance, breaking old power structures and allowing power to flow to where it works best towards our organizations’ missions. The provocations and discussions of the workshop will ask us to look at where power blocks us from being able to move, include and listen – and show us ways to change that.

Learning outcomes

We will:

  • Have an honest conversation about outdated systems at play
  • Share learnings and insights from brand new research conducted with global CEOs, ‘From reform of governance to transfer of power’
  • Encourage and enable each other to create change and inclusion in our organisations now
  • Explore a few tools to take into our work tomorrow that can help us start to disrupt and transform
  • Experience a different way conversations can be run using the principles of Human-Centered Design and Liberating Structures facilitation tools


Burkhard Gnärig (Portugal)
Co-Founder, FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders
Katy Grennier (Thailand)
CEO, DSIL Global