Leading your fundraising team to greatness: The joys and nightmares of performance management

Great leaders lead their teams to greatness. But how? In this masterclass, we’ll tackle the issues – bravely and honestly – that make performance management a chore and hinder the growth of greatness in your organisation.  We’ll offer guidance but, more importantly, we’ll create an environment that will help you find your own answers to questions like:

  • How do you ensure that high-performance team working is a habit?
  • How do you balance personal style with the needs of your team, supporters and cause?
  • How do you motivate your high performers so you don’t lose them?
  • How do you have difficult conversations and face each other the next day?
  • How do you tackle and turn around poor performance from your team, peers, senior staff and board?

We’ll take a truly practical look at the joys and challenges of fundraising leadership – how you survive it, thrive on it and build a team you can be proud of that possesses the skills and attitudes to keep your organisation moving forward.

You’ll walk away thinking beyond results to the parts of your job that generate or hamper results – feeling inspired to lead bravely, reassured that you can do it, and challenged to accept nothing less than fabulous performance.

Learning outcomes

  • Tools to build a high-performance team environment
  • Better self-awareness of personal style
  • Clarity on what constitutes high, medium and low performance and how to manage in each case
  • Ways to create a motivational environment
  • Techniques and real help in having difficult performance conversations
  • Ways to balance the performance needs of your team members, the team overall and the organisation you all work for

Who should attend: Fundraising directors and heads, heads of team, new managers who have a team and would welcome the chance to develop their skills, experienced managers who would value an opportunity to review and build upon existing skills

Session style: A balance of energetic input and teaching from the leaders, Q&A, full- and small-group discussions, exercises and personal action planning


Helena Sharpstone
Director, Sharpstone Skinner Ltd
Colin Jones (UK)
CEO, Resolution