Leading in nonprofits

Leading in nonprofits

Navigating challenges and change to build effective fundraising teams

Leading in (I)NGOs has never been easy, but today we face a greater number of complex global challenges coupled with ongoing change. To tackle such complicated problems, we need strong and vibrant civil society organisations with long-term, sustainable visions and tangible action plans to deliver real and measurable impact. But to build strong organisations and teams, we need successful leadership, with leaders who can steer, inspire, and align their teams through the challenges they face.

This workshop will explore some of the potential problems nonprofit leaders have to overcome as well as ways to address them. The session will cover how to embrace change, improve communication, and increase collaboration, as well as how to build strong and trusted relationships. Drawing on examples from Greenpeace International, UNICEF, and Amnesty International, it will also touch on the importance of soft skills and the value of authenticity, humility, vulnerability, and self-awareness to inspire change and galvanise collective action.




Julie Verhaar (Switzerland)
Global Executive Leadership Advisor