Senior leader masterclass: How to be a transformative leader in a disruptive world

Senior leader masterclass: How to be a transformative leader in a disruptive world


Change itself has changed. The leadership strategies you honed your craft under, and on, are not the way of the future. Be ready to ride the wave of the unprecedented, disruptive change civil society organisations are undergoing and facing.

Use this masterclass to develop your transformative, future-focused, shared-ownership, visionary leadership strategy.

Internationally renowned consultant and activist Burkhard Gnärig will be leading this special standalone 1.5 day masterclass that is only open only to senior leaders as part of IFC 2019.

In order to register for this masterclass, you need to enter the special registration code LEADER on the IFC registration page (rather than DELEGATE)


About the Masterclass

Your leadership approach will be challenged and strengthened in this highly interactive masterclass, as you share and learn with other senior leaders. Building on your experiences, we’ll work to analyse and develop your own strategy for managing transformative processes.

The masterclass will be divided into three parts:

  1. Exploring the challenges and opportunities disruption brings
  2. Sharing and analysing experiences with transformative management and leadership
  3. Developing your own strategy for successfully addressing the challenges and opportunities of disruptive change

We’ll dive into:

  • The major planetary, political and technological disruptions facing organisations
  • Embracing risk and disruption and grasping the opportunities it brings
  • Disrupting your and your organisation’s work before someone or something else does
  • Refocusing you and your organisation’s view from internal to external
  • Sharing ownership and moving away from paternalistic models
  • Envisaging your organisation after disruption

Aimed at:

  • CEOs
  • Head of divisions
  • Top level managers

If it is your role as senior leader or manager to steer your organisation’s strategy through the vast planetary, political and technical change we face, this session will help you face the new world with vision, openness and energy.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand disruptions my organisation and leadership faces
  • Develop transformative management and leadership techniques
  • Able to manage and lead transformative processes


Booking this masterclass

The masterclass will include two nights full board accommodation onsite at the conference centre (Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 October). The session will run all day Tuesday 15 October and the morning of Wednesday 16 October, including access to the IFC Opening Plenary on Wednesday afternoon.

The masterclass comes at a standalone price of £950.

If participants wish to remain for the rest of the IFC programme until Friday afternoon, you will need to purchase a ticket at the standard price.

For registration and any further information, please email



Burkhard Gnärig (Portugal)
Co-Founder, FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders