Lean impact: How to innovate for radically greater social good

Lean impact: How to innovate for radically greater social good

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About The Session

Do you want to tackle one or more problems facing people and the planet, but are not sure how to make a meaningful dent? Transformative change will not come from business as usual.

Far greater impact at far greater scale is possible if we adapt the best practices of innovation: setting audacious goals, taking measured risk, running lightweight experiments, driving fast feedback loops, and focusing on the metrics that matter.

The result will better address real needs, improve cost-effectiveness, and unleash the possibility of true scale.


Through inspiring stories drawn from her interviews with over 200 organizations across sectors and geographies, Ann Mei will share both the theory and the practice behind successful social innovation.


Aimed at:

For anyone seeking to dramatically magnify the depth and breadth of their social impact.


Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the difference between invention and innovation
  • Understand the three key pillars of a successful social innovation
  • Learn how quick experiments can accelerate your learning
  • Know how to identify the metrics that matter.


Ann Mei Chang (USA)
Author, Lean Impact