Legislation and the donor experience


When legislation changes such as GDPR are on the horizon, different sectors and markets tend to approach them in varying ways depending on their organisational culture, leadership, risk appetite and business objectives. Even within the charity sector, there has been an interesting spectrum of implementation with some charities in the UK taking radical action that will undoubtedly impact their long-term income.

But what impact has this had on donor experience?

Join Rachel and Harpreet, both Commissioners on the Commission for the Donor Experience in the UK, as they take a look at some of the differing approaches to GDPR, explore how it fits in (or not!) with the donor experience and examine how some commercial organisations have managed to balance customer experience with legislation change. As big data privacy continues to be an issue, we will discuss how other countries can learn from GDPR to make sure they are both complying with the law and delivering a great donor experience.


Rachel Hunnybun (Canada)
Fundraising Consultant, Blakely Inc
Harpreet Kondel (UK)
Fundraising Specialist, Fundraising Specialist Ltd