Lessons from the Biggest Election Year in History

Firsthand learnings in political campaigning, mobilisation, and fundraising from across Europe, the US, & Australia.

In 2024, more people will vote in elections than ever before. And vast amounts of time and money will be spent by political parties and interest groups to persuade, engage, and mobilise billions of voters; this will be the world’s biggest test laboratory of what works and what doesn’t.

As fundraisers and campaigners grappling with the urgent imperative to change a breaking world, it’s crucial that we draw every lesson we can from these huge tests. With the EU elections behind us by the time IFC rolls around in October, and the US elections right around the corner, these will be the focus of the session.

What have been the biggest innovations of 2024 so far? What worked, and what didn’t? Which of the lastest findings from electoral campaigns and mobilisation can we translate and adapt to our own work – and what fundraising innovations can we simply steal?

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the lastest innovations in persuasion and mobilisation from the world’s largest political campaigns
  • Learn about recent trends in political fundraising, including those we should borrow from and those we should avoid
  • Get concrete tips for improving your own digital campaigning and fundraising


Paul Ferris
Head of Campaigns, Reform Society