Let your fundraising channels take you all over the world: Why your successful individual fundraising channels, over anything else, should be the key driver of your global expansion strategy

As NGOs in very developed individual giving markets are currently facing negative growth, and because the public sector income has become unstable, more and more organisations are looking to expand into less competitive, emerging economies. But to expand effectively, don’t you need solid data, market research, an in-country presence, big budgets, and at least five years of waiting to see some profit? In this workshop, we’re not going to deny that there is some truth in that, but our experience has shown us that there are other, faster approaches. The main thing that you really need is an acquisition channel that works and a solid donor journey.  

Using case studies from several INGOs and across individual giving channels, we will share our learnings gathered over a decade of starting and optimising fundraising operations all over the world. The workshop will be an honest discussion on the challenges and benefits of traditional and newer market entry models. We will also look at the up-to-the-minute tests being run across the sector.  

This session will suit anyone interested in starting or optimising an individual fundraising programme anytime, anywhere! It will be an informal workshop with time for attendees to share their expansion experiences and ambitions. 


Aimed at: 

  • Fundraisers or leaders of NGOs with ambitions to expand into new markets 
  • Fundraisers and suppliers in emerging markets 
  • Fundraisers including channel specialists in a central support function of an INGO 
  • Consultants and international suppliers 


Learning outcomes: 

Participants will come away with a good understanding of: 

  • Channels that can recruit and retain donors and be profitable and scalable.
  • How this is all you really need to establish a fundraising operation built-to-last in any market.
  • Different models of growing sustainable fundraising operations.
  • The pitfalls of opening fundraising programmes and how to avoid them.
  • Relevant global trends within the NGO sector. 


Guillermo de los Santos (Mexico)
Regional Fundraising Manager, The Americas for Amnesty International