Let's walk the talk on shifting power

Using the wide and dynamic shift the power discourse to trigger this Big Conversation, our speakers touch on issues like the risk of colonialism in our sector, equity in all the relationships among INGOs and NGOs internally and externally, privileges and power in the decision process, movement intersectionality, and much more.

In three rounds, each introduced by a speaker giving their perspective and reflections on an aspect of shifting power, delegates will be called on to reflect on their personal positions and actions, before moving into breakout rooms via Zoom to exchange and discuss their unique perspectives on each topic in twos and threes.

Following this, attendees will again come together to use an interactive tool to discover what arose within the breakout sessions and identify the key barriers experienced in shifting power, discuss the insights uncovered, and learn key strategies to take away to use in shifting power within their own work environment.

This session is particularly geared at those with influential roles towards INGOs as well as anyone who takes an interest in creating a more level playing field for global development.





Marcelo Iñarra
CEO, marceloiniarra.com & Club de Fundraising
Nana Asantewa Afadzinu (Ghana)
Executive Director, West Africa Civil Society Institute
Dr Dhananjayan (Danny) Sriskandarajah (UK)
CEO, Oxfam GB
Corine Aartman (Netherlands)
Programme Manager, Wilde Ganzen Foundation