Live-stream fundraising: Disrupting the fundraising landscape

Wednesday 12 June
12:15-13:00 (UK BST)
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In this session, we will be lifting the lid on gaming for good and demystifying livestream fundraising. This is one of the hottest charity trends for 2019 and with the global games market growing at such an exponential rate, it’s no wonder why!  


As consumers we are changing the way we digest content. Streaming content has become a huge part of our lives with platforms such as Netflix and Twitch (incidentally, Twitch receives more unique views per month than Netflix, and most people haven’t even heard of Twitch!). From this session you will be able to fully understand what “livestreaming for good” means and how to harness this for your organisation. (Even if you aren’t a “gaming charity,” this can work for you!). 

Aimed at: 

  • Fundraising professionals 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Individuals looking at harnessing gaming technology. 


Learning outcomes:

  • Full understanding of ‘Gaming for Social Good’ 
  • Solid examples of how to use live-stream as a form of fundraising 
  • Stellar market examples that are currently working 

Natasha Stone – Live-stream fundraising: Disrupting the fundraising landscape from The Resource Alliance


Natasha Stone (UK)
Emerging Markets & Gaming for Social Good, JustGiving