More than a logo: Harnessing the true power of your brand to boost fundraising and engagement

What does your organization stand for? And how do you stand out? How do others perceive you?

More than just a logo and name, your brand is a driving force for advancing your mission — it’s your identity and your story. When done well, your brand builds a connection to your audience. It powers your fundraising, outreach and advocacy efforts, and connects your everyday communications to your vision and mission.

In this interactive masterclass, we will explore the role of brand in your nonprofit, how strong branding can help you be most effective
with limited resources, and how you can define and implement your brand, no matter your organization size. Whether you need to
refresh or simply clarify your brand, we will explore how you can build and manage it to forward your mission.

Learning outcomes

  • How to define your brand
  • How to implement your brand in everyday communications
  • How to empower your stakeholders to be brand ambassadors

Who should attend: Founders of small non-profits, nonprofit executives of organizations of all sizes, and undraising/communications staff


Serrie Fung (Hong Kong)
Independent Consultant