Long-term income unlocked: Building a sustainable legacy giving programme

The siren call of ‘quick’ donations – even those from ongoing or repeat campaigns that are part of an overall fundraising strategy — can be alluring. But sustainable income is key to an organisation’s long-term success. An in-depth, step-by-step how-to for building a legacy programme from the ground up, this masterclass will take you through the building blocks of creating a sustainable legacy programme, covering areas such as how to select your audience, what marketing you can do straight away, more long-term strategies, managing stewardship and internal expectations, and forecasting.

Learning outcomes

  • How to test your market and establish your audience;
  • To have a solid marketing strategy covering short-, mid- and long-term options
  • To be able to have a stewardship plan
  • To be able to provide an exceptional supporter journey

Who should attend: INGOs looking to start a legacy programme

Session style: A full mixture of audience participation, teachings from Greenpeace and other NGOs around the world, and hands-on, practical application of the theory


Stephen George (UK)
Fundraising & Leadership Coach and Consultant, Good Leaders
Ligia Peña (Canada)
International Legacy Consultant, GlobetrottingFundraiser