Long-term supporter mobilisation

Mobilising supporters beyond their initial action to maximise long term engagement

Based on six months of testing from across five different charities, this workshop will share a blueprint for breaking down silos and working across teams to create supporter lead journeys that grow engagement and participation and maximise supporter impact.

The session will share testing, case studies, and optimised journeys from five charities that recruited new supporters via a virtual events programme and explored the best way to engage them as a community during and beyond the event. You will discover how the organisations identified different supporter groups and presented them with the next best ask, be that advocacy, volunteering, or donating.

Who is it for?

The session is aimed at anyone who manages any form of supporter interactions and engagements, from volunteering to campaigning, including people like legacy fundraisers and donor acquisition managers.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover what team collaboration and shared goals look like in practise
  • Learn to understand your audiences using design data-led journeys to grow engagement and participation and maximise supporter impact
  • Find out how to maximise the potential of every supporter that comes into contact with your organisation


Bethan Francis
Fundraising and Supporter Engagement Consultant, Stratcom
Julie Roberts
Director, More Strategic