Major donor fundraising

The five YESes to win a major donor campaign

Asking for and getting a YES can be one of the most challenging tasks for those of us involved in major donor fundraising and capital campaigns. But what if you were told that, while a major donor campaign requires somewhere between 40 and 150 really important asks, there are just five key asks that will significantly increase your likelihood of being successful and will increase your chances of getting the results you and your organisation are looking for. That’s it. Just five.

And what if you learned that the speakers leading this workshop have made those asks, and are confident in showing you how to do it, too? Together, they represent decades of experience and multiple generations, with combined experience working and training in six continents around the world. Join us and discover the steps you need to take to get a YES to the five most important asks in your next major donor campaign.

After the session, you will be given an opportunity for a brief consultation with our speakers.

Who is it for?

Board members, executive directors, fundraising directors, major donor fundraisers, those who are new to major donor fundraising and capital campaigns

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the five most important asks in a major donor campaign
  • Understand why they are of key importance
  • Discover the steps that need to be taken in each specific ask
  • Understand the arguments that tend to work best to get a YES


Tony Myers
Founder, Principal, & Senior Counsel, Myers & Associates
Jan Kroupa
Co-founder, Czech Fundraising Centre
Konstantina Papadimitriou
Certified Fundraising Executive, 21/64 Certified Philanthropy Advisor