Major Donor Toolbox

Ask any major donor fundraiser what they use to keep themselves organized, and the answer will most likely be MS Excel, mostly to keep basic information. The rest stays in our heads. What other tools and techniques can be used to make us go from intuitive guessing to a systematic approach when it comes to designing the programme, planning and forecasting for the year? What is a gift table… and why is it a triangle? Can you work out the probability of each current donor’s giving this year? Do you rank all your donors the same, or do you prioritise them according to their level of involvement/engagement, loyalty and amount of giving? How do you research prospects? We’ll also discuss CRMs and how can you use them to your advantage, the power of networks, and much more. The workshop is designed to give delegates an overview of the methodologies, platforms and the accompanying tools to help them with their major donor fundraising.

Learning outcomes

  • Determine appropriate tools to help develop major donor plans and strategy
  • Use in day-to-day administration of the fundraising programme
  • Monitor the performance of the major donor fundraising programme, determine trends etc.
  • Engage in a better manner with donors based on prioritisation
 Who should attend: Senior fundraisers, directors, major donor specialists, board members

Session styles: PPT/Prezi using Canva with audience participation including a Q&A session. Attendees will participate in a detailed discussion on what tools are available, how to use them for major donor fundraising, and the importance of investing in tools.


Anna Crago (Thailand)
Regional Partnerships Specialist, UNICEF
Rupali Babu (India)
Head of Major Donors, Amnesty India