Major donors across the generations: Learnings and observations from very different demographics

Imagine: three generations of experience… three generational perspectives… gender diversity… know-how from five continents… all in one masterclass on major donors! Different generations of donors expect to be addressed in different ways, and major gift fundraising especially requires a perfectly tailored approach. This unique session brings together ‘an old guy from Canada’, ‘a sophisticated German lady’ and a ‘young European fellow’ for a mix of sharing, role playing and learning focused on raising more major donor dollars by remaining authentic while uniquely tailoring messages to specific audiences.

Learning outcomes

  • 7 steps of a successful major donor programme
  • Motivations for people in their 30s, 50s and 70s to contribute major gifts
  • The right approach and communication content, tools and channels that work for people of various ages
  • 7 things you need to know before asking for big money

Who should attend: Fundraisers, major donor fundraisers, CEOs, board members, founders of NGOs and foundations

Session style: Teaching, participation, hands-on, role play, Q&A, group discussion. Highly interactive


Tony Myers
Founder, Principal, & Senior Counsel, Myers & Associates
Astrid von Soosten (Germany)
Head of Resource Development, EMBL