Make an offer that business can’t refuse: Shared value that really works in the real world

Companies routinely express to us a desire to do more, to do better. At the same time our non-profit partners regularly share their struggle to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with the private sector. In a world that feels saturated with conversations and buzzwords around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/Corporate Responsibilty (CR)/Corporate Shared Value (CSV) it feels like this struggle should have already been resolved. In reality, though, it remains an ongoing challenge for companies and non-profits to find win-win propositions.

In this masterclass we will gain a deeper understanding of the challenge and then put together a range of tools to develop your own long-term, high value partnerships. Along the way we will address a number of key questions including:

  • What/Why engagement vs fundraising
  • What is Corporate Shared Value….really
  • Survey of the various potential corporate audiences
  • What companies want/need in a partnership
  • Helping companies to partner better without teaching
  • Managing value for effort with corporate partners
  • Building partnerships that last longer, make more impact
  • Strategies even if you aren’t talking to the CEO
  • Win-win case studies

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the various possible corporate audiences
  • Finding your unique contribution to shared value
  • Designing your own strategy for long-term win-win relationships

Who should attend: Ideally suited for those with limited to moderate experience with the private sector seeking to understand the corporate perspective and how to engage companies beyond fundraising focused activities. Those with more corporate experience will benefit from new perspectives and strategies for how to develop longer term and more impactful corporate relationships.


Jason Noble (Hong Kong)
Engagement Strategist, Crossroads Foundation
Emily Au-Young (Bangladesh)
Founder and CEO, Reemi