Together we can: Why building community is an essential pillar of any successful fundraising

The development of the worldwide web together with social media and smart phones has revolutionised communication and the way information is absorbed and disseminated. Without a strategic understanding of what these changes mean for organisations, and the new rules of engaging with stakeholders, volunteers and donors, non-profits will struggle to achieve the fundraising goals they desire. This presentation will provide attendees with a critical understanding of how the communication landscape has changed and the implications for their organisations. It will provide the thinking necessary to deliver outstanding fundraising results in today’s digital economy.

Learning outcomes

  • A clear understanding of how to communicate effectively in today’s digital world
  • Strategies to improve the effectiveness of your communications and fundraising efforts
  • Straightforward ideas and takeaways that can be used in your organisations immediately

Who should attend:

  • Senior personnel and anyone responsible for setting the strategic direction of their organisation
  • Fundraisers
  • Marketing and communications roles
  • Anyone needing to engage with donors, volunteers or stakeholders


Grant Leboff (UK)
CEO, Sticky Marketing Club