Positive leaders and dirty secrets: Be the change you want to see in face-to-face

Will F2F still exist in 50 years? Yes or no?

Please bring your rubber gloves and some hardcore soap, Its time for a cleansing…

F2F is by far one of the largest donor acquisition channels on the planet. But sadly, for many charities, this is a hidden channel, sidelined and poorly managed with many a dirty secret.

This radically honest look at F2F will uncover the facts many of us aren’t willing to admit and highlight the heroes who are leading the way.

With a major focus on quality control and leading positively from the front, Daniel and Thetis will walk you through 90 minutes of dirty laundry and channel changers to help you help us help F2F stay future proof.

Learning outcomes

  • To have some simple but practical ways to improve the overall quality and sustainability of your F2F channel.
  • To have a better understanding of how to engage and communicate with your front-line fundraisers.
  • To have a better understanding of international best practice in quality control of F2F channels

Who should attend: Anyone using or involved in or thinking of using or being involved in F2F




Daniel McDonnell (Switzerland)
Global F2F Specialist, UNICEF
Thetis Kosmopoulou (UK)
First Engagement Manager, Greenpeace