Make it count: In-kind fundraising

Fundraising is about more than money. At times, we also must focus on raising… things. And services.  And while motivating donors to give in-kind donations works on the same principles as motivating them to give financial support, in-kind fundraising is still a unique creature. This workshop will examine best practices for in-kind fundraising – from coming up with the idea and setting realistic goals, to messaging, to reaching out through multiple channels to motivate people to support the campaign. We’ll present highly successful case studies from Serbia that can be translated into success anywhere in the world.

Learning outcomes

  • Concrete examples that can be drawn from for future in-kind fundraising campaigns
  • The reasons for in-kind fundraising
  • Motivation to engage later on

Who should attend: Non-profits, fundraisers, consultants

Session style: The main principle will be interaction with participants and flexibility to explain the subject through posed questions. Likewise, some points of the workshop will be explained by learning through doing, as participants will have the opportunity to think and develop ideas and methods.



Maja Stojanović (Serbia)
Civic Initiatives (Serbia)
Mihailo Dimitrijevic (Serbia)
Independent Consultant